A downloadable game for Windows

A man working at a factory was next in line to test a machine. Two other men have previously died testing it. Your job is to help him run away from the factory and possibly save his life.

Every level has a time limit, so quick thinking and fast reflexes are important!

This game was made in Clickteam Fusion for the 48-Secret June 2018 game jam.

Install instructions

Simply download the .exe and launch it!


Dying Time!.exe 11 MB


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Gorgeous work, I'm amazed at how much you managed to create in 2 days. The gameplay is varied and balanced. The only thing that is frustrating is that there are no checkpoints to start the next level at least with the 10th at the next start.

Thank you so much! I understand where you're coming from and if we had more time, we would've definitely added checkpoints!

Thank you so much for the feedback. Definitely something to consider next time.