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Yakan Keimusho is about a blind girl who after falling asleep during class was neglected and left to wonder the halls of her school at night, trying to find a way out while an evil spirit is haunting her.

Bump into walls and create soundwaves to help her see her surroundings, but don't make too much noise, as the spirit can only find her through the sounds she makes.

Yakan Keimusho was made for the 48 Secret Jam in 48 hours by Alex Falkenberg.

Install instructions

Download the .exe and run.


yakankeimusho.exe 14 MB


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Haha the first time a spirit got me, I jumped inside! Great job :)

Thank you !Hope it didn't get you too bad. ;)

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I recorded this for a video on YouTube and the only bad thing I can say about this game is the ending(no spoilers). The music&sounds mixed with the lack of sight created a tense and spooky atmosphere that fit the game really well. Great job.

edit: added video :)


Thank you, I'm glad you found it enjoyable! I'd love to see the video when you decide to upload it.